Q: How to set boundaries in WAVEPIA’s business? (What is WAVEPIA’s business boundary/ business area?)2019-05-24T06:36:33+00:00

A: WAVEPIA is an IC Design house, which is a Fabless Company. Bare-dies and packaged devices are the main business areas of WAVEPIA. We provide modules, but they are only for evaluation purpose at sample level by customer’s needs.

Q: Which foundry company does WAVEPIA work with?2019-05-24T06:38:45+00:00

A: We work with Win semiconductor as our main foundry.

Q: Where did you manufacture your packaged devices?2019-05-24T06:40:22+00:00

A: We manufacture our packaged devices in our own assembly house.

Q: What material the packaged devices are made of?2019-05-24T06:41:12+00:00

A: There are two types of lead: Ceramic and kovar. The body is a heatsink which is made of super CMC. Heat transfer coefficient of Super CMC is 350 or above. We prepare the body made of the graphite, the heat transfer coefficient is 400 or above.

Q: What is the lead time for the product?2019-05-24T06:42:13+00:00

A: The lead time for bare-die is about 2months, and the lead time for unmatched and matched transistors are about 2 weeks. However, it is depending on the stock, the lead time may move forward.

Q: Is there any problem with the import and export of WAVEPIA’s products?2019-05-24T06:57:51+00:00

A: No, there is no problem. This is because WAVEPIA is based in South Korea, and we also work with the foundry company in Asia.

Q: Can you tell me the overall price of the products?2019-05-24T06:58:40+00:00

A: Please send us your RFQ if you have any interest in our products.

Q: What is the maximum frequency of the WAVEPIA’s products?2019-05-24T06:59:36+00:00

A: WAVEPIA supports from few to 20GHz, and for the output power, our products line up from few W to 400W.

Q: What is the application of WAVEPIA’s product?2019-05-24T07:00:29+00:00

A: Our products can be applied to various fields. You can search our products by frequency or ~ on this website. If it is hard to find the exact product you need, please contact us to help you out.

Q: Do you also cover products with a GaN MMIC high frequency (50 GHz) or higher?2019-05-24T07:01:37+00:00

A : GaN MMIC product is being prepared.